The noble blades of ScarperiaA STORY THAT CONTINUES

High-quality traditional Tuscan pocketknives

For generations, the Consigli family has been leveraging its passion and expertise to produce high-quality traditional Tuscan pocketknives and cutlery, using the same forging techniques that the master knifemakers of Scarperia have been refining since the 14th century.


A perfect knife is the result not only of skilled workmanship but also of the care taken in selecting the very best raw materials. The wood used by Consigli is carefully selected and then seasoned for years, in order to guarantee its stability and workability. The steel used for the blades is of the highest quality, and has undergone exacting thermal treatments at the hands of a master craftsman to create the perfect synthesis between elasticity and durability.

Consigli Brothers

Fifty years have now passed since the time of the Fondo Pasinetti – the site in Via Magenta, in the center of Scarperia, where the Consigli brothers opened their first premises. Luigi – at the time, just a little over 20 years of age – and Enrico, his slightly younger brother, had already spent several years producing knives on behalf of the same company for which their father had been forging metal and making pattada knives and grafting knives since the very early part of the century.